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In the 21st century, IT and software organizations are perhaps living in the “best of times” and the “worst of times”. In just over a decade, we have seen a start-up in a garage exceed a hundred billion dollars in market capitalization. In the same decade, we have also seen some of the big names in information technology vanish without a trace, often absorbed by other organizations. Anticipating and being prepared for changes in the market place and technology have distinguished the survivors from the over-whelmed. Indeed, the organizations that are highly successful are the ones who created their own market spaces with supporting technology & infrastructure.

While the challenges faced by IT and software organizations tend to vary from case to case, some common threads are discernible: The need to move at a fast pace in tandem with markets & customers

  • Pressure to add value to customer’s business on a continual basis
  • Complexities of managing globally distributed product & service delivery arms
  • Sustaining a high response culture while growing at a fast pace internally
  • Constraints on managerial bandwidth to address all of the above

Adaptability, therefore,  has become a critical organizational attribute for survival and growth. The need to go quickly from the strategy drawing board to people and operations requires answering many questions on organizational design, people alignment, systems & processes, governance, change management  and, above all, leadership development. Indeed, we have seen that people development processes play the most important role of strategy implementation.

PM Power assists IT and software organizations in all aspects of strategy implementation through consulting and managerial development services.

The key characteristics of our approach are:

  • Consulting-led: We bring to bear our significant industry experience & networking to see beyond just the stated needs; this helps us to do the right thing for our customers in the long run
  • Contextual: We listen, observe and understand our customer’s unique needs & priorities
  • Customized: We customize our solutions and services to the customer context and needs
  • Competency-focused: Our solutions are often bundled with developing managerial & leadership competencies to help absorb & sustain our solutions. We coach managers in their actual work context and help develop internal coaches to achieve scale & speed of implementation
  • Change-facilitated: Implementation of solutions may need changes in many environmental aspects – culture, systems, processes, governance etc. We facilitate such changes
  • Collaboration-oriented: Our consultants have played senior leadership roles in IT services as well as product organizations. They are represented in many industry forums such as NASSCOM and Software Process Improvement Network (SPIN). This enables us to bring the right practices to our customers’ benefit. We also leverage our customers’ knowledge & experience and often co-create solutions with them.

Based on our experience of working with various organizations since 2006, we have grouped our services under the following themes:

Please contact us for more details on any of these services or to explore how you can accelerate your excellence journey.