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Agile Culture Change

I have been coaching teams, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Managers & Senior Leaders on Agile & Scrum for close to a decade now. While celebrating 20 years of Scrum, thought of sharing some interesting situations/challenges that I had come across during these...

After Scrum Master, what?

Some time back, I had the opportunity to read about the growth paths available to a Scrum Master (SM). The thinking behind this was that the SM role for a given Scrum team is not forever. There comes a point in time when the team is able sustain Scrum adoption by...

Scrum-Kanban fusion

It is well known that Scrum is very popular with Development teams while Operations teams prefer Kanban as it suits their nature of work best. That is because development teams deliver an incremental product over iterations and they have to plan and deliver a product...

Breathe and Behave

If we observe and reflect back, we can notice that many times we React to situations compulsively rather than Respond in a wise way. For example, in a fit of anger sometimes we shout at someone or make some hasty decisions and later realize that we should not have...

Fungible Scrum Team Members

I have often come across this question, especially from folks in organizations that have started adopting agile and have made some progress. Should each Scrum team member develop/possess all the skills required for the project? When hiring new team members should we...


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