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How Agile is your Business?

Is there a possible common way to measure Agility? I would “dare say” yes, we could sense Agility. So, if you sense agility the only way to measure is by getting the perspective of the stakeholders. Yes, you can supplement it with the business measures and metrics....

The Mission Possible

The role of a Product Manager is responsible for representing the interests of everyone with a stake in the product. Setting a vision for a product is one of the critical responsibilities of a product manager. A good product visions aligns with the overall company...

Making Meetings Effective and Productive

One of the comments that I hear very often is that adopting Agile practices results in too many ‘meetings’ and hence become counterproductive. When I observe some of these ‘meetings’, some common [anti-] patterns are found across teams [and organizations]. These...

Great Scrum Masters – Endangered Species?

You would all agree that Scrum Masters (SMs), especially the great ones, are so essential for teams and organizations to realize the full potential of Agile adoption. But, many organizations in India (and may be all over the world) are facing significant challenges in...

Mindfulness for Agility

In my Agile workshops I ask participants a question: ‘What pictures come to your mind, when we talk about Agility?’ Some of the typical answers are Cheetah, Squirrel or Dolphin etc. Then I ask them what aspects of them relate to Agility in their mind? Typical...

Take Pride in what you do!

Pride follows when we do things with a sense of ownership. Ownership of our work. What is this sense of ownership? How much do I really own up? After all, I am following orders; my role expects me to deliver in certain areas; my responsibilities are well documented...


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