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Getting the Basics Right

If you lived in one of the cricketing nations, it is very likely that you follow a bit of cricket. Some of us may still play, some may have played and some may only watch. Lately, with IPL making the shorter version of the game very popular, more people have an...

CHOW #127 – Brand Image of Scrum Masters

Rajiv has been working as a scrum master and coaching the teams after getting trained. Management and teams think that Scrum Master is like a secretary who just books the meeting rooms, facilitates daily meetings and helps with some tasks when team asks for it. Rajiv...

Agile: 3 tips for effective coaching

I started my agile journey as an agile team member couple of years back, where I was assigned to a pilot team which was part of large agile transformation initiative. Once the initiative was kicked off, all the pilot project team members were trained on agile (what is...

Importance of Trust in Agile Teams

Scrum mentions five values – Commitment, Transparency, Courage, Openness and Respect. Scrum teams need to inculcate these values to be Agile. Practicing the ceremonies makes teams ‘Do Agile’ while these values would help them to ‘Be Agile’. Every one of these values...

Podcast – The Importance of DevOps and UX

  I have been in the IT industry since 1980 - and started my association initially with hardware - building a single board microcomputer - and them switched to software. Over the years, working with multiple technologies to create...

Performance Management of Agile Teams

The key objective of any performance management system is to identify the strengths, areas of improvements and to provide learning opportunity so the performance of the individuals and the teams and thereby of the organization is enhanced. However, it has become a...

How Agile is your Business?

Is there a possible common way to measure Agility? I would “dare say” yes, we could sense Agility. So, if you sense agility the only way to measure is by getting the perspective of the stakeholders. Yes, you can supplement it with the business measures and metrics....


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