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NewslettersOver the years, PM Power has helped many individuals, teams and organizations accelerate their journey towards delivery excellence.

Our coaching led approach has been based on the collective practical experience of our principals.

The S-curve channel – is in a newsletter format. Published weekly, each issue will have a theme. We have identified four themes, roughly mapping to the segments of services that we have been providing.

This newsletter will address topics related to the hard and soft [the science and art] aspects of Project management, transitioning to a PM role, becoming and being an effective leader and also discuss any trends in Project Management in addition to the knowledge areas as identified in PMBOK

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This newsletter will discuss topics related to Program, Portfolio and Delivery management topics. While there could be some similarities or overlap of some of these topics with the Project Management newsletter, the treatment here would be more relevant to experienced project, program and delivery managers

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The Agile newsletter will address topics related to individual, team and organizational unit agility. Agile practices, techniques, management and leadership perspectives related to organizational agility such as metrics and governance, enabling self managed teams as well as organizational adoption topics would be discussed.

By extension, allied topics such as DevOps would also be featured here from time to time

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This newsletter will address organizational excellence topics such as visioning, strategy formulation and deployment, goal alignment, integration across functions, knowledge management as well as business excellence

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The Principals at PM Power as well as invited Subject Matter Experts periodically share their experience and tips as blog posts with the PM Power community. Contents from the blogs, combined with other relevant information from various sources are curated into brief newsletters.

Second, these newsletters will be sent out weekly to interested subscribers. For each theme, effectively, you will receive one newsletter every month.

We hope that you will find these relevant and useful for your professional needs. Please fell free to subscribe to the newsletters of your interest.

We also invite you to share your experiences with the rest of the community through active interactions. You can comment on the posts as well as contribute your experiences and perspectives.