Smart Phone Software start up company adopts Agile

Our client is a Bengaluru based start up which has grown to 250 people organization. They specialize in developing software for Smart Phones and provide system integration services for various Smart Phone companies.


A few experts from Mobile Communication companies came together to start this company. They wanted to adopt Agile right from the beginning.

PM Power services

PM Power helped them in adopting Agile and integrating it with their Product Development approach. The nature of software being embedded in devices, the Product Development involved concurrent engineering with hardware and manufacturability aspects and system integration aspects of various component/platform providers.

Specific interventions included:

  • Helped define the organization structure and roles
  • Helped integrating the Agile/Scrum practices with the Stage-Gate Product Development processes
  • Conducted Agile/Scrum Workshops and Coaching for teams and managers


  • Our client won accolades from their very first Customer, a Japanese Smart Phone maker, for swift releases of software.
  • They have adopted Agile successfully in an embedded and system integration environment.
  • Client has grown from the initial couple of dozen people to 250 people organization and continues to do good business in a highly dynamic market like smart phones.