Offshore capability – from service provider to value-add partner

Major software product developer improves offshore capability – from service provider to value-add partner



Our client, now a part of a globally renowned Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions company, had established its offshore capability in Bangalore, India almost a decade ago using a build-operate-transfer model with a service provider. In 2006, our client invoked the transfer option to establish its own operations in Bangalore taking over from the service provider. A significant number of the project staff was transferred from the provider organization to the client’s new operation. A key need was identified in competencies of the transferred project managers – to adapt them from operating in a services mode to operating them in a product environment – moving towards product ownership and adding improved value to stakeholders in the parent organization.

PM Power Approach and Solution

PM Power designed a custom training program interacting with key stakeholders within the company – to understand the role of Project Management in new context, PM competencies required and key challenges faced. The result was an intensive, four-day Project Management Workshop tailored to the company.

Fully ‘threaded’ case studies were used in the Workshop to enable participants to apply PM concepts and knowledge in simulated situations. This helped achieve a feel for the dynamics of real-life projects – participants had to respond to ‘random’ project events introduced by the PM Power faculty and respond to them in re-planning, stakeholder communication, teaming aspects, risk management etc.

To reinforce classroom learning, the client required us to hold ‘clinic’ sessions – via participation in reviews of their live projects. These were projects in which training participants were playing key management roles – in development, testing and QA. The clinic sessions were held over several weeks and were meant to assist the participants in their every day work context. PM Power’s role in these clinics was to help participants apply the appropriate competencies in addressing their project issues. The approach was to help identify a range of possible responses to situations rather than prescribe apt solutions from the book.

Continued active involvement and support from the senior leadership team of our client was key in successfully designing and delivering the Project Management Workshop and subsequent project clinics.