Consulting for Organization building for a niche services company

Consulting for Organization Building

Our client is a niche product customization and implementation services organization in the financial services domain. Their operations span Singapore, Japan, Australia, Dubai, India and France. Their client base includes some of the largest of banks in Asia.


Our customer organization is relatively young. After initial successes in obtaining funding and achieving success in the market place, the founders began introspecting on how to sustain and scale to the next level. PM Power had helped organizations in similar circumstances and developed a set of organizational patterns and approaches associated with start-ups. This prompted our customer to turn to PM Power for facilitating the process for organization vision setting and developing the road map for the next few years. Read on to know how we helped them…

PM Power Approach and Solution

PM Power started the engagement with an organizational assessment with the founders and other key stakeholders – helping the company visualize and articulate what their organization in future was going to be like. Key stakeholders from Japan, Australia, Singapore and France congregated in Singapore for this exercise and the subsequent workshops over a five-day stretch. We held a series of facilitated workshops covering:

  • Development of Vision, Mission and Core Values of the organization
  • Identification of strategic focus areas for growth and capability building
  • Mapping of strategic focus areas to organizational structure elements
  • Definition of relevant roles & responsibilities, and tuning of associated performance objectives
  • Identification of major milestones of the road map in the strategic focus areas and identifying the “vital few” initiatives in each focus area

PM Power is engaged in on-going assistance and facilitation in the customer’s journey, to their next level of success and performance.