Helping a Start up to Scale up

Our client is a Singapore based start up which has grown to 200+ people organization. They are a niche Financial IT Services company.


Our client started operation in Singapore and started expanding to Japan, Australia, France, Dubai, India. In order to manage this dispersion and growth, they needed systematic approaches to manage.

PM Power services

PM Power helped them in bringing HR systems, Delivery systems and Operational alignments across teams through various interventions.

Specific interventions included:

  • On-site workshops for the leadership team at Singapore with centre-leads coming from other countries.
  • Helping them to define a project management practices, engineering practices, metrics & governance, Customer interfacing practices for their Product Development engagements, Product deployment and support engagements.
  • Helping them to articulate Vision, Mission and Values for the company.
  • Helping them to define HR systems like Objective setting, Performance Management systems
  • Engagement included both on-site (at Singapore) and off-site (from Bengaluru) and covered setting up a governance mechanism for the initiative – creating structure with Sponsor, Task Teams, Leads, Steering Committee Reviews, Process framework & architecture.


  • Our client has crossed the first S curve of typical start ups and has successfully scaled to the next level.
  • They have grown in size and geographical distribution and are able to sustain the growth through these systems.