Flexible Framework for Agile adoption

Large IT service provider adopts Agile/Scrum using a flexible framework


Our client is one of the fastest growing end-to-end information technology services and solutions firms worldwide. They provide a wide range of IT-related services to leading Global 2000 firms from financial services, manufacturing and retail, technology, communications and media domains. Their highly responsive and innovative solutions help bridge their client’s execution gaps through proprietary methodologies – Momentum workshops, Asset Based Services and a global delivery model – helping customers experience accelerated value.


Having had its genesis in the first Internet wave, our client has always believed in lean processes that served its clients wanting to deliver solutions at Internet speed to their end customers. Long-standing customers were embracing Agile methods of software delivery and management and wanted our client to partner with them in making these initiatives work in a distributed delivery model. In addition, a number of small-medium customers who were seeking to outsource parts of product development were also seeing Agile methods as the means to ensure their ‘time to market’ requirements were met while reaping the benefits of offshore outsourcing. These were instrumental in our client looking to develop their own Agile adoption framework to encapsulate their experiences as well as drawing upon best practices from the industry. The company engaged PM Power to develop this framework and a practices guide specifically for Scrum implementation.

PM Power Services

PM Power addressed the client’s requirements from multiple perspectives

  • Incorporating existing organizational learning in using Agile methods such as Feature Driven Development or FDD with existing customers. Making sure that the right customer projects were chosen for execution in Agile mode
  • Developing a framework that was flexible to accommodate customer parameters in Agile adoption – such as integrating specific Extreme Programming (XP) practices while following Scrum for overall management
  • Ensuring consistency of Agile/Scrum practice recommendations with the client’s quality system