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Part-time Scrummers!

Often times, Development teams (DT’s) in Scrum need the services of “specialists”, say, in areas where parts of the product being built is to be mobile-enabled or where there is need for data sciences expertise needed to forecast end-user behaviour. These specialists...

Cascading the product vision: structure and practices

Identifying a real need or problem to solve is core to a successful product or application. Many teams get distracted along the way resulting in feature bloat or trying to address requests or perceived needs of prospects and customers that may end up in an...

Reign of emotions

All through my career, I have seen how emotions can work wonders but also cause turmoil in the mind. I am not excluded from that internal battle. As I was reflecting on my career, I realized a few such moments are stuck in my mind. There may not be much for the...

Chow #153 – Chapter Leads’ Challenges

In one of our Customer engagements, the organization is transitioning to Spotify kind of Agile approach. In this context the role of Delivery/People Managers is changing to Chapter Leads. They form a matrix structure with Squad Leads. Their role is changing from...

What I Learnt on Agility from Trekking Expeditions

Having born and brought up in Western Ghats in Karnataka (in India), mountains attract me like magnet attracting iron. Just the thought of trekking/mountaineering starts an excitement in my mind & body. I have been doing a lot of trekking/mountaineering in Western...

Importance of Sprint Goal

Do you have any idea how many times the term ‘ Sprint Goal ‘ is mentioned in the Scrum Guide ? 27 times, yes ! That’s humongous number ! In a 17 page Scrum guide, why is the ‘Sprint Goal’ mentioned 27 times? What does this say about the significance, value and...

Agile: The Journey starts with me!

Authored by McGee - Agile Coach (These statements are strictly personal and are not those of any Company or Organization) Last week I found myself in a discussion on agile leadership. I believe agile transformations can only be successful if the leader is fully bought...


What is sizing? "Sizing a project is about grouping its user stories based on agreed upon complexity factors" Let me explain. When you hear, T-shirt size M or L, what comes to your mind? "May be a right fit!" "30 or 40 inches of shoulder width!" And some more......

The Growth Mindset

Author: McGee – Agile Coach (These statements are strictly personal and are not those of any Company or Organization) Recently, I attended an Agile Coaching course. One of the goals of this course was to make the participants aware of and to practice a number of...

Can Lean be a tool for Enterprise Agility?

Most of us would have watched the movie Kung Fu Panda. In the movie, the fighting style Kung Fu was represented and taught as 4 moves whereas Kung Fu has at least 100 moves. Each move has a purpose and the master would choose the right one based on the context....


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