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Can Lean be a tool for Enterprise Agility?

Most of us would have watched the movie Kung Fu Panda. In the movie, the fighting style Kung Fu was represented and taught as 4 moves whereas Kung Fu has at least 100 moves. Each move has a purpose and the master would choose the right one based on the context....

Agility and Team spirit

Diwali was approaching and our unit decided to celebrate Diwali in office. As part of the celebration, some games were arranged. Ten teams were formed, each containing about ten people. Then the hostess announced an interesting competition. The teams were to collect...

Tying it all together – The Johari Window

Author: McGee – Agile Coach (These statements are strictly personal and are not those of any Company or Organization) I remember a number of years ago I was at home and my family were all laughing and joking about one of my brothers about his night out on the town. It...

Trust me I’m Irish

Author: McGee - Agile Coach (These statements are strictly personal and are not those of any Company or Organization) My wife, Helen, is very pretty. When people meet her they are often surprised and have no problem letting me know that I am “punching above my weight”...

CHOW #136 – Resistance to Improvement

Ram, a Test Lead, had been working for eTravel for the last three years. eTravel has a cloud-based product for frequent business travellers. When his organization decided to adopt agile practices two years ago, he chose to take on the Scrum Master role.  The feature...

CHOW #135: Weigh in on some weighty Agile questions!

In PM Power’s Enterprise Agile Transformation practice, customers - either starting on Agile adoption or reviewing their current state - often ask us questions like the ones below. What would be your answers for them? You can answer as many as you like – at least one...

Does Agile work for package implementations?

Does Agile work for implementations of packages such as SAP, Oracle and others? This question has been asked many times in the light of some spectacular implementation failures – failures of such magnitude that organizations have gone bankrupt. The question is whether...


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