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Take Pride in what you do!

Pride follows when we do things with a sense of ownership. Ownership of our work. What is this sense of ownership? How much do I really own up? After all, I am following orders; my role expects me to deliver in certain areas; my responsibilities are well documented...

3 Simple Tips for Building Distributed Teams

Distributed teams are a norm in today’s world and it is also beneficial from business perspective. Ideally Agile is imagined to be clustered teams, physically in one location. For many distributed teams, it's difficult to adopt the Agile practice of face-to-face...

Getting Ready for Enterprise Agility

There’s a lot an organization can learn from the early experiment of the CIO/ CTO’s office to embrace agility, as it decides to drive agility as the new way of working in the entire organization. Here are five things that an organization needs to consider as it...

Rating Agile Teams

I read an interesting coverage of the soccer match in which Russia performed exceptionally well in the World Cup Soccer 2018. The article observed ‘Russisa entered the tournament with the lowest rating of 70. But in team sports rating does not really mean much’. This...

Should I Start My Agile Journey with Kanban?

This is one of the frequent questions that I get asked. In many instances, it is posed a little differently – from teams that started with scrum, as they felt they needed a lightweight process compared to more traditional approaches but find it difficult to get the...

Product Visioning: User Journey Map

Previous Articles in Product Visioning series: Product Visioning : http://pm-powerconsulting.com/blog/product-visioning-5-steps-scoping-software-projects/ Product Visioning: 1. Elevator Pitch: http://pm-powerconsulting.com/blog/product-visioning-elevator-pitch/...

Facing uncertainty

In one of my earlier blogs, I had written about some of the thoughts that plague a manager’s mind (refer http://pm-powerconsulting.com/blog/thoughts-plague-managers-mind/). Top of the list was about the ability to make commitments and deliver on them in the face of...

Mindfulness Matters

During the lunch break after my presentation on ‘Mindfulness at Work – Accelerating Agility Culture’ in Agile India conference recently in Bangalore, a gentleman walked up to me and asked whether we are conducting any Mindfulness workshop in the near future. I thought...

A manifestation of self-organization across teams

Coaching Agile teams provides one with a few extraordinary moments that make you go wow! I am sharing one such event in this blog when I saw self-organization manifest at a different level. As part of a coaching assignment at an organization, I was asked to help a...


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