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“The leader of the past knows how to tell.

The leader of the future knows how to ask.”

– Peter Drucker

Think about this: When you make a statement, you will not know whether the intended audience received it or not. Whereas when you ask a question and the audience respond, you are sure it has reached – it’s a closed loop system.

More importantly when you make a statement, it belongs to you; it does not belong to the listener. On the contrary, when you ask a question and the other person responds, that response belong to him/her. Asking question is a very powerful way of building ownership in the other person.

Questions are a powerful leadership tool through which one can master more than 20 soft skills. Here is a Slidshare to get some insights:

Reading or listening about this will not bring transformation; only practice brings the transformation. Go ahead and practice asking questions – right questions with right intent for the right context with right tone.