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Mark is a manager in a global software product development organization. He manages a 15-member team of software developers and testers. His team is a high-performance team and they deliver consistently meeting expectations of the management and the customer.

Alex is a team lead in Mark’s team. Alex has been with the organization for over 2 years and has been one of the best performers. He possesses excellent technical and inter-persona skills. Highly motivated, engaged and a go-to person with high sense of ownership and team belonging. Suddenly, Mark is observing issues with Alex’s performance in the last 8-10 weeks. Alex has been missing  his deadlines. He also seemed not engaged during team meetings. Mark had seen some early signs a month ago and he assumed that Alex is overworked and fatigued. He had talked Alex into taking some time off. However, the time off did not seem to help Alex’s situation. He is continuing to spend long hours at work but results are not commensurate with the effort. Mark reckons that it is time to intervene and address the issue.

Have you been in a similar situation as a manager or a leader? How will you approach this situation?