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Ankit is a scrum master for a team. Their team is responsible for making small enhancements to their product. They also pick up some new features to be added to their product.

Ankit’s team is Agile and they follow Scrum. As they have been following Scrum, they report their velocity and progress at the end of the sprint as part of their sprint review and demo to their stakeholders.

Their business manager, Linda – a very senior person in product management informed them that the product will need a new feature. Their product owner walked them through the requirements, broke down into stories and also started their sprint.

In the subsequent showcase, Linda asked Ankit when are they likely to deliver the feature. This question stumps Ankit. More worryingly, all the velocity numbers that looked great in earlier showcases seem to suggest they will complete the feature fast; whereas the team is not sure of many things.

What will you advise Ankit to do? How should he approach planning and what should he inform Linda and other stakeholders.