Karthi is a product owner with a large financial organization. He took over as the product owner for the product twelve months ago. He found that most of the projects would fall under two main buckets of work – Technical upgrade type of work or regular maintenance or small enhancements. While most of these changes were complex, as a product owner he found it easy to navigate by using a simple prioritization model. There was always a balance that he was able to negotiate with technical upgrades and the critical enhancements. This was also due to the team that has newly formed and their knowledge was clearly getting deeper with each release.

Now he’s got a bigger challenge on sunsetting an older product and move the users (5000+) to his product. This migration like project was nick named “Forever Migration” as this was a migration that has had several stops and starts in the past.

He has heard a lot of design thinking and Karthi realized that the reason for many past failures was unable to take smaller steps rather than one bigger ones. Now his challenge is using Design Thinking, what should be his immediate steps? What tools can he use to not only create the same understanding of scope but also carve out a realistic and viable roadmap?