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Shubham and I headed towards office cafeteria to have a cup of tea. I had not seen him for some time.

“Where were you last week”, I asked him.

“I was busy with an urgent delivery. Did not have time even for a tea-break”, Shubham said.

Shubham is a smart, intelligent, technical person and highly respected for his knowledge and experience. He never exaggerated anything. So, when he said that he did not have time even for a cup of tea, I realized that he must have been under serious time pressure.

“What happened? Last month too you had some urgent delivery and were burning midnight oil. This month also you are in the same situation?”

“Yes! As they say, history repeats! I am in the same situation. We are the internal IT department of our company. My manager who reports to the CEO gives me hard time. He gets urgent requirements from the CEO with an expectation that they be delivered in two weeks, when our optimistic estimate for that work is three to four weeks. So, we do not have any choice but to work extra hours and somehow make it happen.

Dear readers, Shubham needs to come out of this situation. What would be your advice to him?