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In PM Power’s Enterprise Agile Transformation practice, customers – either starting on Agile adoption or reviewing their current state – often ask us questions like the ones below. What would be your answers for them? You can answer as many as you like – at least one if not all 3! Ask for what he thinks are answers…

Q1: If I go Agile, it appears that the testing effort would go up considerably. So, should test automation be a pre-requisite for even starting to adopt Agile?

Q2: In my organization, the culture is for one person to be held accountable to the customer for delivery. Is that bad culture? If so, what is a better alternative?

Q3: Does specialization go against self-organization? If testers continue to remain only testers, Ux people remain only Ux people etc, does it limit the extent of self-organization? How feasible is it to overcome this limitation?