Prakash was confused.

He had spent time in coming up with a high level epic, that was to be taken up in the coming quarter.
He had explained the big picture to the team, using the whiteboard.
Since there were no questions, he assumed that the team had understood the big picture.
Epics, were, anyway supposed to be high level stories..

His Epic read as follows:

As an Analyst, I would like to make better recommendations for my clients, with at least a 10% improvement in returns, so that my fees and margins would also increase.


The fee for the analyst is based on the returns for the client and the better these recommendations are, greater will be the fees for the analyst, with an increasing rate slab, with higher returns.

There were no stories created in this epic, and Prakash expected the team to come up with stories to implement the above requirement.

The team had come back with a request to be more explicit and give them stories

How would you help Prakash get more clarity on what is needed by the team and how he can articulate the epics more effectively?