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You are a program manager with an IT Service Provider handling a project for a U.S. based client. The client uses three different telecom service providers and pays large bills every month – for a few hundred thousand calls that cost them millions of dollars. Your client negotiates customized tariff plans with each of the telecom service providers (vendors) and keeps reviewing them periodically.

Along with the summary of the bill, your client receives detailed call data records in the form of electronic data files from the telecom service providers. Client suspects that the telecom service providers are over-charging. The project is about reconciling the call data with the actual bill amount to identify anomalies in the billing.

Call data files from the telecom service providers would be imported into your application every month for a billing reconciliation run. Current tariff plan structure for each telecom service provider will also be stored in your application. The application would use the call data and the tariff plan to calculate the expected bill amount and compare with the bill from the telecom service provider. The application could potentially save the client a few hundred thousand dollars each month. Armed with the reconciliation analysis, your client will be able to take their telecom vendors to task and claim refund with penalties.

The six-month project follows agile approach and is in its first sprint. Customer had provided a sample soft copy of the call data files and tariff plans during the proposal stage. Customer has also committed to provide access to their test server pre-release – this test server has close to production volume data.


What are some of the uncertainties? What are some actions that you would take to tackle them? What kind of resistance do you anticipate in addressing these uncertainties?