Author: Santhana Krishnan G

Product Visioning: 3.3 Prioritization of backlog

At any given time, Product Backlog contains features / user stories at myriad sizes with varying levels of details. As the backlog evolves over a period, teams usually would keep the important and clear stories at the top. This is achieved by regular prioritization. What is Product Prioritization? Product Prioritization is the cadence of keeping relatively significant (that is contextual) features at the top for the teams to work on. Why do we need Prioritization? The Pareto principle (also known as the 80/20 rule, the law of the vital few, or the principle of factor sparsity)[1][2] states that, for...

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Product Visioning: FAB (Feature – Advantage – Benefit)

A product’s success is usually decided by the strength and value of its features. Specifically what those features mean to the targeted customer. How to do we understand and enhance the value of a feature from customer perspective is what we will explore in this blog. Let us call this exercise as FAB stands for Feature – Advantage – Benefit. FAB statements are very popular with Marketing and Sales teams as they use it to send right messages to the customers. Users are not much bothered about the features of a product, rather they look for the benefits, that...

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CHOW #106- User Journey Map

Assuming we want to build a collaborative tour planning tool, come up with Journey Map for the following scenario: Persona: Nisha, Mother, aged 34, Professional, Higher Income Group, Spouse (Shiva) is also a Professional, Having a daughter of 6 years old Goal: Visit a place with snow in India. (Collaboratively Plan a trip to Himalayas in winter with family. Her preference is Ladak) Channel: Website and Mobile Collaborators: Nisha and...

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