Author: Savitha K

CHOW #84- Timeboxed

Ria is a new scrum master and she has trained , certified as a scrum master. When she starts facilitating stand up meetings, the meeting always run over. Team starts discussion and hence they are not able to finish it within 15 min. Team tells her that without these discussions, the stand up is not useful and hence it is important to have these discussions. She is confused as she also thinks discussions about the work /tasks taken up by the team is helpful but she understands the importance of 15 min timebox. How can we help her...

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Slack off – To improve Productivity

In common usage or if you have been coming from years and years of management, it probably has negative connotation, as “he/she has been slacking off”. As a manager, he is considered successful only if everyone in the team is fully loaded with tasks and he has completely utilized his team. Whereas in the agile methodologies and Practices recommend slacking off. Is it important? if so How does it help? What are the challenges in implementing it? Let us look at analogy to understand the importance of slack. If I have to start writing an article, we just start...

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